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Moving Up to API CK-4: A Win for the Industry

The heavy duty diesel engine oil industry’s first upgrade in a decade ushers in higher performance and opportunity for all.

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Gain Insights on Viscosity Modifiers

Learn how viscosity modifiers can benefit engine oil performance, the role they play in fuel economy, and find out how they can affect higher-performing heavy duty engine oils.

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Accelerating Efficiency with API FA-4 Engine Oils

Lower viscosity API FA-4 engine oils are enabling new hardware designs to maximize performance, durability and fuel economy

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New API FA-4 Engine Oils Webinar

Watch the replay of this Fleet Magazine webinar from September, 2016.

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Marine Diesel Cylinder Engine Oils

Lubrication challenges impacted by operating conditions and regulations.
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Spotlight On Heavy-Duty Engine Oil

Heavy-duty engine oils, which protect diesel engines, are facing a barrage of changes. Formulators must meet ever stricter fuel economy regulations as well as restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.
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Why Is SAE J2360 So Important?

Increasing demands on axle components have revealed performance shortcomings in the API GL-5 standard of performance. As a result, the lubricant industry is advocating for global adoption of the more comprehensive and up-to-date standard, SAE J2360.
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The Necessity of Marketwide Lubricant Performance in Brazil

The increasing prevalence of biodiesel will continue to impact the Brazilian heavy-duty market. For fleets old and new, higher-performing lubricants will have an important role for vehicle performance and bottom-line benefits.
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Innovation at CONEXPO 2017 Trade Fair

Liebherr, Caterpillar, John Deere and BMW Designworks featured off-highway innovations at CONEXPO 2017. Highlighted were new technologies aimed at improving fuel economy, minimizing emissions and optimizing the work environment.
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Delivering Increased Efficiency With Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Reduced emissions and increased fuel economy continues to force changes in engine hardware design across the world.
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