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Delivering Increased Efficiency With Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Increased fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gases are being supported by lower ‘high-temperature high-shear’ (HTHS) engine oil viscosity.
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API CK-4 and FA-4 Quick Overview

Scroll through our quick API CK-4 and FA-4 overview to learn the major points about the heavy duty category's latest engine oil specification upgrade.
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Moving Up to API CK-4: A Win for the Industry

Lubricants that enable modern engine hardware, contribute to fuel economy gains, and maintain the highest possible protective benefits, are now a must to maintain a reliable and productive fleet.
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Specification Updates

API FA-4 and CK-4

A Split Category for Today’s Complex Hardware

ACEA 2016 Has Launched

Learn about the latest updates to the ACEA Sequences

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ACEA 2016: Elastomeric Compatibility

Global ACEA

For as long as ACEA has been providing minimum performance standards for lubricants throughout Europe, Lubrizol has been an integral partner. As engine hardware continues to expand into global markets, Lubrizol is ready to provide guidance to support the growth of ACEA globally.