Moving to Higher Performing Lubricants

No matter where in the world you operate, or how advanced your market’s fuel economy and emissions control standards are, choosing higher performance, heavy-duty diesel lubricants for commercial vehicles makes sound business sense.

Whether Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, or Oceania, using higher performing lubricants can directly benefit your overall operation.

The role of the lubricant was once relatively simple: focusing almost solely on lubricating and protecting moving components to do their jobs day in and day out. But today, higher performing lubricants are continually evolving to provide greater durability and fuel economy benefits, keeping vehicles more efficient and more productive for longer, leading to greater profitability for the vehicle owner. In contrast, less advanced lubricants can lead to higher operating and maintenance costs, greater downtime and reduced profitability over the life of the vehicle.


Simply, switching to higher performing lubricants can be the right choice for your business. While the lubricants market evolves at a unique pace from region to region, there is nevertheless opportunity for all to choose higher performing lubricants that protect hard-working engines, deliver increased efficiency and help drive your business forward.

What exactly does a higher performing lubricant accomplish? Read more to discover the key functions of an engine lubricant and the vital role played by additive technology.




What goes into higher performing lubricants? Read on to investigate the key components of an engine lubricant and why careful formulation and expertise are necessary to succeed.




What value do higher performing lubricants bring to your region? Read more about regional market drivers to learn how higher performing lubricants drive value all over the globe, including in India, Brazil and China.

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